Arts for India is a registered charity (UK registration number: 1137824), established with a number of specific aims to support underprivileged young artists in India. The charity has also been launched in Switzerland, USA and Hong Kong. It is exempt under IRC Section 501(c)(3) in USA.

The main objectives of Arts for India are:

• To educate needy and deserving students from some of India’s poorest families, enabling them to make their contribution to the world of art, fashion, film and design.

• To facilitate the visit of teachers from the UK to India – to provide world-class education to the needy students and to expose them to international trends in their fields.

• To promote Indian art and culture across the world.

While several philanthropic organizations are working towards education for poor Indian children, most of them are focused on providing basic school level education. Arts for India takes these initiatives further in supporting needy Indian students at the next level – life-changing higher education at the college level.

Arts for India promotes and supports education of young student artists at the International Institute of Fine Arts (IIFA), (www.iifaindia.org) located in Modinagar, India.

Arts for India is committed to making it possible for deserving artists to achieve their potential with serious, first rate tuition and mentoring. We want to play our part in equipping India’s deserving artists of the future.