India is a country with an ancient clothing design tradition, yet an emerging fashion industry. Though a handful of designers existed prior to the 1980s, the late 80s and the 90s saw a spurt of growth. This was the result of increasing exposure to global fashion and the economic boom after the economic liberalisation of the Indian economy in 1990. The following decades firmly established fashion as an industry across India. Indian Fashion today, is catching the attention of design watchers from across the globe.


Arts for India supports IIFA in providing higher education in Fashion and Textile Design. Beginning with the elements and principles of Fashion Design to the entire exploration of Fashion History, Costumes, Textile Science, Fashion Styling, Stitch craft, Illustration, Garment construction, Fashion Prediction to Apparel manufacturing, pricing & Merchandising to concept Development and Presentation, form the content of curriculum.


Students, after graduation are placed in Buying houses, garment industry and clothing exports industry as Designers, Merchandisers and Retailers. Many of the alumni from the field of Fashion have succeeded with their entrepreneurship – Shivani & Joy, Manish Manchan, Prachi Fashions,  Shikha’s Designs  and others are creating ripples in the domestic fashion market.  Many graduates of IIFA are employed in key positions at reputed garment exporters and manufacturers for domestic goods.