The Four-year Scholarship Programme of Arts for India

‘Arts for India’ runs the Four-year Scholarship Programme, where the donor/sponsor gets the opportunity to sponsor an underprivileged student artist through his/her four-year degree programme at the International Institute of Fine Arts (IIFA), India (

For the needy student this is, indeed, a life-changing opportunity to get educated in the field of Art and Design, enabling him/her to make a career for himself/herself.

Sponsor a student:

Putting one student through the four-year BA programme costs GBP 3,600. This covers the course fees, accommodation, food and material. As a student sponsor, you will receive periodic updates on the student’s progress through the four years. You can follow the progress and watch a young artist’s dream come true. At the end of the programme, the student will present four of his/her works of art to you (one for each year of study) as a token of gratitude.

Be the reason a new artist is discovered!

To sponsor a student, please contact:

Mr. Sunil Vyas,