Shivani and Joy Design duo from New Delhi, on Indian Fashion and its Global Journey

Indian Fashion now has become an attention for design watchers from the globe. With a short history, of just as 25 years of commercial fashion, India has been able to mark names of couturiers from the country as Manish Arora. Young Indian designer, Rahul Mishra recently won the Wool Mark Prize, witnessed by the international audience of Milan Fashion Week. All these and many more are examples that inspire up-coming designers from the country to create their signature styles that imbibe the essence of Indian Art at craft practices. The richness of Indian embroidery has ever been world favourite. How today’s designers are making it world adaptable with a twist is commendable.

Upcoming designers, from the heart of India, Shivani&Joy as Fashion entrepreneurs have just marked three years of existence and are retailing through some high end fashion stores across the country. It comes as a proud feeling for the label to be placed aside with the ace designers of the country. Keeping the design appeal international they articulate their designs with Indian embroideries, done with hand and textured to perfection. Fine couture crafted with Indian Embroideries with motifs is the Innate feature of Shivani&Joy finery. Shivani says: We, the design duo, credit a lot to Fashion Institutes that nurture such knowledge to their students. Shivani had taken her baby steps at International Institute of Fine Arts (IFA), a fashion and art college from India, says Joy, the co-founder and Fashion curator at Shivani&Joy. He adds: Shivani is the muse of our label who always feels what Indian Women would like to wear that can be comprehended in the Fashion Globe. In this way our design label would like to create a niche in the International Market that hails from India.

(IIFA graduate)

Neishaa Fashion


Neishaa Gharat Looking back at the Design Entrepreneur
After studying visual arts,I co-founded & pioneered the concept of design & communications studio in Mumbai in the mid nineties . Being 20 something I had a lot to prove to the world. With naivety comes fearlessness. I learnt to be an entrepreneur on the job. We grew from 3 to 50 big team which was a size unheard of in that decade and worked with Global and National brands. Being an entrepreneur is not a 9 to 5 job, its about 20 hour days and facing the impossible, day after day. This teaches one the importance of loving what you do and persistent hard work.

Today being a Designer is all encompassing

I enjoy freedom & constraints to design, write, shoot, film, illustrate, create, collaborate and really use all my creative forces in my work. Designing for brands to designing my art+fashion ready-to- wear collection to designing for social change for example an Art installation to a Mobile class room that teaches in the slums of Mumbai co-exist comfortably in my studio in London. Culmination of Cultures makes me who i am, it continues to be… living and working any where in the world with a sense of deep rooted Indianess from within.

Blurring boundaries between Art & Fashion

My surroundings have always mattered, in the same way that what I wear has always mattered. My ready-to-wear Collection is very much inspired by the globalisation phenomena. One need not loose one’s sense of identity any where in the world. Tradition, arts and craftsmanship can collide comfortably with the modern, contemporary, chaotic pace. For the woman who is very comfortable within herself and can easily swing between a modern working and an evening wardrobe. The collection is designed to be timeless that holds no constraints of time and space.

Embracing Art & Activism

As artists we are all responsible for making the world a better place. I love creating engaging mediums to propagate the message.

Making a difference through Project Crayons an NGO that empowers children, youth and communities through health education and rights.
As a young woman I had the opportunity to work with my mother’s humble dream of educating children from poor local communities and protecting the girl child. Today in the capacity of a voluntary director & campaigner of Project Crayons I believe every child and young person deserves a life of dignity… deserves a fair chance in life.

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